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About Us

About Us

Waxman Architectural Tiles has been developed to provide solutions for large scale projects that require high quality, durable and reliable tiles suited for a wide range of applications.

With a team of experienced professionals who hold proven track records in providing solutions for all types of wall and floor tiling applications, Waxman can offer the utmost quality of service for any project, from beginning to end. 


Our Mission

The Waxman Architectural Tiles mission is to deliver the very best products and service to satisfy the most demanding needs of specifiers. Considering creativity, budget and technical requirements Waxman Architectural Tiles ensures your and the end user’s needs are completely fulfilled through a wealth of knowledge, experience and premium care - that can only be built from years in the industry.


How Waxman Architectural Tiles evolved

Waxman Architectural Tiles was born from Waxman Ceramics, which is a part of the Waxman Group and has over 30 years’ experience in the tile industry. This, along with Waxman Group’s 50 years’ experience in distribution, has helped Waxman Ceramics grow into the largest supplier of mosaics in the UK, as well as a leading distributor of large format wall and floor tiles.

Waxman has been helping the ceramic trade in projects on various scales since the early eighties, which has helped build an ever increasing list of loyal customers. It is this presence in the industry that has also developed Waxman’s renowned and respected collection of brand partners, which is constantly growing stronger.

From Waxman’s wide list of connections it has helped nurture the knowledge and services required for the Architectural division, which has evolved into a professional platform for most tile needs. Waxman Architectural Tiles works with you and your product specifications, to provide the ideal solution that meets all creative, technical and budget requirements.

Please explore our website that has been specially designed to meet your specification needs, with various bespoke features to suit your requirements.